Getting the business insight you need?
Close the gap between strategy and execution
To compete during this time of economic uncertainty, organizations worldwide are investing in IT solutions that can help mitigate risk and facilitate quick and accurate data-based decision making.
  • The Potential Benefits

  • Getting more out of Business Intelligence Software
    Improved enterprise information and Performance management
    Driving risk management
    Gaining performance insight and optimizations

  • Business Analytics Services

  • 1) Business Intelligence consulting services
    2) Information management
    3) Performance management
    4) Governance, Risk and Compliance
    5) Predictive Analytics
  • 1) Business Intelligence consulting services

  • Get the expert support that can help you identify key performance drivers. Our consultants can develop and implement a new IT infrastructure and visualization strategy that can support your efforts to distribute reliable information across your enterprise.
    • Apply a comprehensive approach for practicing business intelligence
    • Streamline your software implementations
    • Improve user adoption
    • Minimize your costs

  • 2) Enterprise Information Management Services

  • EIM is a foundation for any holistic and sustainable data quality initiative. These services are designed using master data management (MDM), with embedded data quality and centralized governance, to help you achieve operational excellence. Support your evolving business conditions (such as mergers and acquisitions) by consolidating, harmonizing, and migrating data to reduce total cost of ownership.
    • Comply with legal and regulatory mandates
    • Define data processes and implement best practices
    • Achieve high standards of data quality, data governance and data retention
    • Establish a 'single version of the truth' for master and transactional data

  • 3) Enterprise Performance Management Services

  • Fully integrate an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution into all levels of your business to quickly realize cost savings, compliance, and strategic advantages.

  • Our experts can help you:

  • • Plan, build, and run your first comprehensive solution
    • Migrate your existing architecture
    • Assess your solution's capability to align your operations with your objectives

  • 4) Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services

  • Gain the tools and expert guidance to effectively manage governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) initiatives. Our consultants can help you optimize your GRC solutions in ways that enable you to successfully manage and implement your GRC initiatives. Reduce the costs involved in monitoring and strengthening the IT controls that are related to your key business processes – without compromising the integrity of your GRC activities.

  • 5) Predictive Analytics Consulting

  • By using advanced and predictive analytics, business executives can reliably forecast future demand, efficiently assess alternative business strategies, and economically implement optimization solutions. Our services can help you extend your business beyond transactional efficiency – towards optimizing your business performance – and evolve your activities from a sense-and-respond orientation to predict-and-act capabilities.